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Commercial & Residential Dryout Services

Water damage usually happens in a flash and that means that an immediate response will be required if you want to avoid huge repair and restoration costs. The water extraction should be performed almost immediately. It is also recommended that the dry out process should be completed within 24 to 48 hours.

And this is where Action 1 Restoration Minnesota comes in to the rescue. We understand that you have immediate needs. That is why we have our teams on standby 24/7. Our team of experts will be there ASAP to expedite the water extraction process.

Equipment Used

Here at Action 1 Restoration of Minnesota we use the latest in top of the line technologies & equipment available. This ensures that our work force gets the job done as efficiently as possible. Water is removed from all surfaces; that includes the areas underneath the visible surface. Our goal is to dry out all moisture returning your home back to normal moisture levels.

Our Process

Since we use the latest in water dry out and de-humidification technology, we no longer have to use the old method of tearing down sections of a home or office just to get the water out. Important belongings including furniture and fixtures can now be saved and the damage restored. This benefits our customers because it saves them time and money.


Our team uses state of the art equipment to monitor the moisture levels in the areas where the water has been extracted. We ensure that every bit of water and moisture has been extracted and all target areas have been dehumidified. We take atmospheric readings to verify what rate the moisture is being removed as our dry processes are ongoing.

Testing & Tools

After all the water extraction and dry out processes have been completed our team will test the work area to verify that dehumidification and drying process was a 100% success. Even though this is the last step in our services we consider this to be the most important part of all the procedures that we do. It serves as our testing and quality control phase.

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Why Choose the Action 1 Restoration of Minnesota Team For Dry Out & Dehumidification!

What Steps are Needed?

The following steps need to be taken in order to ensure that your needs are met. They are not arranged in any particular order but note that each step is necessary in order to expedite the issue and reduce damage and costs.

  • Request services from one of the nearby Action 1 Restoration Minnesota teams closest to your address
  • We also need to contact your insurance company
  • You need to meet the team manager assigned to you. He will assess your needs get your information.
  • You should inform the manager how to best access your business or residence. This will help us manage the type of tools, vehicles, and equipment to send to your place.
  • The team manager may also need to secure your permission in case they need to enter the premises when you are not around.
  • Action 1 Restoration Minnesota personnel may also install lock boxes and other security measures to prevent unwanted entry. You will be given access to these locks so that you can inspect the area when you want to.
  • The team manager will also need to get your contact information so that he can get in touch with you as need arises.
  • Before water extraction can begin, we also need to help you secure all valuable items.

Types of Water Damage Emergencies Requiring Dry Out Services

  1. Clean Water Damage – this is the type of water damage where clean water enters the home or office space and perhaps floods a section of the premises. The water that has leaked out and spread isn’t contaminated. This kind of water that has spread usually comes from a pipe that has leaked or a section of the plumbing breaking down.
  2. Grey Water Damage – in this type of scenario, the water that has spread all over the area of the house or place of business is partially contaminated. Examples include overflows from dishwashers, laundry, or toilet. This type of water damage needs to be addressed within 24 to 48 hours or else it will pose significant health risks to the residents.
  3. Black Water Damage – in this third and final damage category or scenario, a large number of contaminates have spread in the area or section of the home or business. The type of water being dealt with here provides a significant amount of health risk, which will require the home owner and other residents to vacate the premises. A good example of this level of emergency is a sewage backup coming from outside the home or place of business.

How to Prevent Water Damage

There are a few steps that you can take in order to prevent water damage from your home. For instance, you can repair wall leaks, plumbing, and roof damage immediately.

Make sure to clean roof gutters on a regular basis. That also means you should remove debris from off your roof regularly as well. You should also detach garden hoses from faucets outside your home or place of business. You should do that before the winter months when the temperature can drop below the freezing point. For more information, tips, and a free quote, call Action 1 Restoration Minnesota today.

Why Us

Action 1 Restoration Minnesota contractors have been providing prompt professional services in the Minnesota area for many years. Our service partners are both locally owned and operated. Our teams are available on call 24/7 to handle any water dry out and dehumidification services and they employ the latest technologies when responding to your emergency.

Commercial & Residential Dry Out Services

Action 1 Restoration Minnesota provides residential and commercial dry out services. We also offer a full line of services from water damage, repair and restoration, extraction, emergency services. On top of that we also work with your insurance company.

Our 6 Step Process to Restore Your Home or Business

See How We Are Different

Water damage disasters can happen at any moment and you need an expert reliable team to help you. These disasters can and will happen when you least expect them to, we are here to help you. We help you with the disaster and dealing with your insurance company.