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Commercial & Residential Wind & Hail Damage Services

In Minnesota, hail storms come several times a year. When the next one will be is anybody’s guess. This isn’t to scare you. This is only to tell you that you have people you can turn to for residential and commercial hail damage restoration and repair help.

Action 1 Restoration of Minnesota will restore your house and other properties back to their pre-hailstorm state. Hail storms destroy not only the roofs of homes and other buildings, but they also do a good amount of damage to windows, carports, sidings, gutters, and even the HVAC systems.

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Exterior Damage

In Minnesota, hail and wind home damage is a common yearly occurrence. Action 1 Restoration is the help that you need during these trying times. We will restore your roofs, shingles, garage door, carports and fences back to their original form. We perform inspections and assessments without charging clients a single dime for doing so.

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Interior Damage

Action 1 Restoration tells Minnesota residents to fortify the exteriors of their homes. It can really be devastating when strong winds already enter your home, so if you can provide additional external support for it, do it now. In cases of interior damage, we have a ready team to come to your house at the time when help is needed most.

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Cleanup and Repair

Action 1 Restoration is the expert home and business cleanup and repair in Minnesota. We will remove all fallen trees and restore damaged parts of your home. When we’re done, you will come back to a clean home that is ready to welcome back your presence. If you want a fast reclaim of your dwelling or business place, call us.

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Insurance Experts

Action 1 Restoration has been there so many times in the past, so with us, you can be assured that we will get the most beneficial claim settlement for you. If your damage is covered, we will try our best to negotiate with your insurer to make them give you the best benefits out of your policy.

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Why Choose Action 1 Restoration of Minnesota For Wind Damage & Hail Damage!

Action 1 Restoration Minnesota gives the best kind of professional wind or hail damage repair, restoration and cleanup. Our expert disaster preparedness teams will check everything – from fallen trees, broken windows, damaged chimneys, missing shingles to burst pipes. Our cleanup and repair services include the following:

  • Boarding up of windows and doors
  • Siding and roof tarps
  • Removal of fallen trees
  • Power and generator rental
  • Direct billing to the client’s insurer

Insurance Claims Experts

With Action 1 Restoration you can be sure to get the most out of your insurance policy. We will seek fair and just treatment of your case by your insurance company. Although not every single request can be granted by your insurer, we will give our best efforts to help you secure the maximum benefits possible from your policy.

You can rest assured that we will deal with your insurance provider in the most professional way. We will use strategies that we know in trade and in local laws to help you settle your claim in a way that will be suitable to meet all your needs.

Exterior Damage

Hail storms and strong winds are good at leaving ugly marks on roofs. What you will see at first are tattered shingles and siding, but you need to know it may be worse than what your eyes see. Hidden damage can grow over time and make your dwelling unsafe to live in.

Call Action 1 and our local contractors in Minnesota will give you a house inspection free of charge. If we see damage that might put your lives in danger, we will proceed to getting in touch with your insurance provider and ask them to assess the situation.

It is quite likely that your insurance company will cover most, if not all, of the costs of repairs, but if your policy doesn’t cover hail damage then we will tailor a restoration service plan that will not hurt your pockets at all.

Interior Damage

Windstorms can tear away not only roofs, but also the metal panels and sidings of your house. Our advice to homeowners is to secure these parts using fasteners like concealed clips, bolts and screws.

Sometimes, even the best preventive measures may not work well under extreme weather conditions. Once the wind blows the external covering, gusts can enter your house and leave a huge mess of your things.

Structural damage can happen within minutes. But our restoration services are speedy as well. All you need to do is dial our number and we’ll be there at your home as fast as we can. We will assess the amount of damage you sustained, contact your insurer and start restoring your home.

Tools & Equipment

Our company is ready to give you the equipment and tools you need to restore your home or workplace. You may consider renting tools and equipment from us in cases when:

  • You experience weather damage while living in a remote area.
  • You have a project that requires the use of our equipment for long periods of time.
  • You are experiencing HVAC or power supply issues.
  • Your workers are working in a disaster area.

Commercial & Residential

We are the go-to restoration company in Minnesota for both commercial and residential units. We know that businesses don’t want to lose time to get back on their feet again and start production as soon as possible. We understand families need to go back to their homes, which are the safest places on earth for them. So we work fast for these people to help them regain their normal lives in the shortest possible time.

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