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Are you looking for thorough mold testing and inspection? Do you want an honest, unbiased assessment of your mold problem? Is it a safe, eco-friendly mold inspection and testing you are looking for? Action 1 Restoration Minnesota is exactly the company you need.

When should a mold inspection and mold testing be considered?

When Its Needed?

We understand your concern when faced with water damage or mold problems. An intense concentration of mold particle has a detrimental effect on you and your family's health. Find comfort knowing that Action 1 Restoration provides efficient mold inspections when needed. When you see signs of mold infestation, let us know right away.

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Tools & Equipment Used

Action 1 Restoration Minnesota uses advanced mold inspection and testing techniques. We also use a range of tools and equipment for remediation. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment capable of detecting the mold's water source. Once we isolated the affected area, we move on to addressing it with correct remediation equipment, techniques, and processes.

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Recent Water Damage

Water damage can make a huge negative impact on your family's health and property's security. It makes sense you want specialists with the right skills, training, and experience to handle minimizing water damage and mold problems. Action 1 Restoration has what you need in resolving recent water damage or mold issues as soon as possible.

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Cost for Inspections

Are you worried about how much an inspection would cost? Don't worry. Action 1 Restoration offers the most affordable services with a value that's worth your money. We offer not only competitive rates but also discounts and packages to all our customers. We want to give you the best mold remediation for your property.

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Why Choose The Action 1 Minnesota Team For Mold Inspections & Testing

Our mold professionals are highly trained and capable of handling mold issues faster than you think. We provide 24/7 emergency service to help in your urgencies. As a trusted leader in restoration service, we know exactly what to do to get rid of your mold problems.

When Is a Mold Inspection Necessary?

Mold exist nearly everywhere, which makes it almost impossible to remove all of them from any building. If your property has a mold infestation, our team of contractors can help remedy the situation. We can do this by eliminating the one thing that facilitates the growth of mold.

The question is "how do you know if you need mold inspection?" There are warning signs that indicate if inspection and testing are necessary. We can help you realize if you need mold inspection and testing by the following indicators:

  • If someone in your family shows signs of allergic reactions. They may display symptoms such as sneezing, itchy eyes and runny nose. These symptoms often develop after staying in a specific area of your home where there are mold spores in the air.
  • If you have a family member with delicate health, they are easily susceptible to health hazards concerning mold. They usually include the children, elderly and chronically ill.
  • If you recently had a water damage or mold problem fixed. Mold inspection helps to make sure the workers properly sealed all moisture sources.
  • When you want to make sure a newly bought home or rented apartment is free from mold or water damage.

Commercial & Residential Mold Inspection and Testing

Mold can easily grow on any building when there is a water source or too much humidity in the air. A leak in your plumbing or moisture on the walls is enough to cause mold infestation.

In as short as 48 to 72 hours, mold can produce allergens with detrimental effects on health. We understand how distressing it is when your home or building sustains mold, water or fire damage.

Action 1 Restoration Minnesota can help resolve your mold problem through the help of our reliable mold inspection specialists. You can count on our team to inspect, test and assess your property.

If we find a mold infestation, rest assured because we have the expertise, training, and equipment to re-mediate your problem. If you see any signs of mold growing in your home, don't hesitate to call Action 1 Restoration Minnesota professionals.

The Mold Inspection and Testing Process

Our Mold Inspection and Testing Process iazolve 5 steps to cover all bases of concerns.  We offer two types of inspection. First, we have the complete inspection. It assesses the whole components and systems of your building. Second, we have the limited inspection. It focuses only on a specific part of your property.

These 5 steps of our inspection include:

  1. Questionnaire – You will have to answer questions on any mold-related problems you encountered; if you have had this problem before or not.
  2. Visual Inspection – Our team visits all accessible areas of your home to search for any presence of mold or water penetration. We utilize special tools for visually inspecting your home.
  3. Sampling – In this step, we collect air samples inside and outside of your home. This is to ensure we can detect molds iazisible to the naked eye.
  4. Sampling Analysis – In the laboratory, we conduct an analysis of the air samples. This is to identify the types of molds and estimate the number of spores present in your buildings.
  5. Report of Findings – We will send you an email of our findings once the analysis is complete. This report includes collected information and digital images of the molds we found in your home.

Our Tools & Equipment

Our team uses specialized tools, digital camera, and personal protection equipment (PPE) to conduct mold inspection and testing. Some of the tools we use include:

  • -Flashlights for checking dark, enclosed spaces
  • -Moisture meters to check wet areas
  • -Cameras for taking pictures of the affected areas
  • -Humidity gauges to check for unusually high humidity
  • -Borescope to check mold growth inside the walls

Recent Flood Water Damage

If you're facing floodwater damage, Action 1 Restoration Minnesota can handle restoring your property. Day or night, we are ready to assist you in your restoration needs. Our trained experts are capable of tackling possible areas with water damage including drywall, ceilings, floors, basements, etc. To minimize damage, call us immediately.

Cost of Mold Inspection & Testing

The national average cost for mold inspection and testing is around $700. The typical range is $305 to $1161. When looking for mold inspection, you can expect the lowest possible cost to be $130, and the highest estimated around $2800.

Action 1 Restoration Minnesota offers the most affordable cost per service in the country. With us, you don't need to worry so much about the cost to get the best mold remediation solutions. We just want you to have a positive experience working with us.

Why Choose Us

Action 1 Restoration guarantees customer satisfaction through advanced mold removal methods and technology. We prioritize our clients’ health and safety, so we make sure to fully restore and thoroughly disinfect affected areas. The mold inspection and testing is usually not free, but we provide our customers with a free mold removal and remediation estimate.